Posted On Jul 21, 2015


The Tire Industry Association (TIA) and Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) recommend checking the lug nut and stud on a commercial truck tire anytime a lug nut moves. But knowing when a lug nut moves without a visual aid is nearly impossible. And loose lug nuts can result in a wheel-off, causing downtime and possibly a serious accident.

Checkpoint is the original loose wheel nut indicator for the commercial trucking industry. Its simple point-to-point design makes identifying loose nuts easy even at a distance, keeping everyone safer on the road. Their quick and easy installation and unique designs make wheel maintenance and monitoring easier on your mechanics, too.

Checkpoint indicators have twice as many teeth as other indicators on the market for greater accuracy. They are also designed to melt at 257 degrees, identifying wheel end issues that cause heat buildup such as a wheel bearing failure.
Checkpoint indicators come in several styles to provide comprehensive lug nut monitoring.

  • CheckTorque is a red indicator for newly mounted wheels to remind drivers and technicians to check for proper torque after 50-100 miles.
  • Checkpoint High Temp is an indicator specially designed to withstand high heat as seen in trucks in waste hauling, municipal transit or similar, severe stop and start, applications.
  • Dustite is an integrated indicator and cap that protects the lug and stud from contaminants, making it well suited for mining or industrial applications.

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