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With all the miles your fleet travels, problems like loose wheel nuts are unavoidable. Rough roads and excessive stop-and-go situations loosen even the most well-secured wheel nuts. Nothing is more dangerous on the road than losing a wheel - and if a wheel-off situation does end without damage or injury, it still causes downtime and drives your cost per mile higher.

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Checkpoint: The Original Loose Wheel Nut Indicator

Checkpoint: The Original Loose Wheel Nut Indicator

How It Does What It Does

How It Does What It Does

How It Works

How It Works

Checkpoint is the original loose wheel nut indicator for commercial and heavy duty applications. Accurate and simple-to-use, Checkpoint Point-to-Point indicators are installed on each wheel nut with each pair of indicators pointing directly at each other. This simple system provides a clear visual pattern for the driver, indicating which wheel nuts need tightening. A simple solution to preventing a catastrophic or unforeseen event on the road, Checkpoint provides ultimate safety and peace of mind for your drivers.

Why Is Checkpoint Rated #1

  • It's the original loose wheel nut indicator
  • Easy to install and use
  • 2x the teeth for the most accurate results
  • Durable and tough
  • The only point-to-point indicator

Checkpoint Products

Checkpoint Point-to-Point

Designed to create an initial pattern where each pair of indicators point directly at one another, these indicators allow for easy detection of wheel nut movement.

Checkpoint<span>™</span> Point-to-Point


When installed on a newly mounted wheel, this red indicator calls attention to the need for re-torqueing after the first 100 miles.


Checkpoint High Temp

These indicators have a higher melting point and remain accurate even in situations where wheel temperatures run high, such as on buses and garbage trucks.

Checkpoint<span>™</span> High Temp


The original. These indicators have a longer arrow so that each indicator points toward the next, showing wheel nut movement at a glance. Available in fluorescent yellow, red or orange in dozens of wheel nut sizes.


Dustite Wheel Nut Dust Cap

These indicators double as dust caps to completely cover each wheel nut. Available in fluorescent yellow, silver gray, black, red or drab olive grey.

Dustite<span>™</span> Wheel Nut Dust Cap
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