New! Equal Flexx

With 2X more vibration absorption power, EQUAL FLEXX is the new industry benchmark in wheel-end balancing, delivering more even tire wear, lower rolling resistance and the smoothest ride.

15% Better Performance!

Better Fuel Mileage
Less Tire Wear
Smoother Ride
Increased Productivity

Compare: Equal Flexx vs. Spin Balancing.

Press the GO button to see which is faster: balancing a wheel
assembly with EQUAL FLEXX or balancing with wheel weights.

Rigorously tested, scientifically refined, fleet validated.

  • Wheel-end vibration is wasted energy and can lead to uneven tire wear
  • Wasted energy is also wasted fuel, resulting in greater fuel consumption
  • Less vibration means less wear and tear on the truck and driver

The Softness Scale

As the softest internal balancing compound available, EQUAL FLEXX maximizes vibration dampening for the life of a tire. EQUAL FLEXX will never damage the tire casing, wheel, or TPMS units. It does not void tire manufacturer warranties.

What Makes Equal Flexx best in class?

A soft, dual compound particle formula that was specially designed to work together to react to and absorb forces better than any other wheel-end balancer on the market. Designed to outperform the competition by at least 15%.

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IMI's revolutionary new internal balancing solution.

How Equal Flexx Works