If it rotates it should be balanced

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Equal®More Miles. Less Fuel.

As a tire’s tread wears down, its fuel efficiency improves by decreasing rolling resistance. In fact, the last 20 percent of a tire’s tread uses 6.5 percent less fuel than new tread. One of the most effective ways to lower fuel costs is by balancing your fleet’s tires - because balanced tires wear evenly and last longer.

A balanced tire is also far less prone to vibration. Less vibration means longer tire life, less wear-and-tear on the truck and improved driver comfort. Balanced tires need to be replaced less often, saving money and keeping your drivers on the road longer.

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Equal Tire Performance

How It Does What It Does

If It Rotates It Should Be Balanced

EQUAL is a patented dry, granular polymer that balances tires from the inside. Simply drop a bag of EQUAL in a tire and it goes to work immediately. With each tire rotation, EQUAL balances the tire and dampens vibration. It self-adjusts based on wear, road conditions and load weight - and requires zero upkeep. Research shows that fleets using EQUAL in their tires achieve tire and fuel savings of $3,000 to $7,000 per truck – each year.

Equal balances the tire and dampens vibration
Equal Tire Performance - Drop In

Equal is the solution for:

  • Longer tire life
  • Better fuel economy
  • Lower cost per mile
  • Zero maintenance and upkeep
  • Improved fleet productivity
  • Smoother ride
  • Less vehicle wear-and-tear

Equal in Action

EQUAL goes right to work inside your tire, constantly adapting to provide wheel balance and vibration dampening. Traditional lead weights and balancing machines simply cannot do the job EQUAL does. This video shows you how EQUAL reduces your cost per mile, extends tire life and provides a smooth, comfortable ride.

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