It's That Easy. Installing equal takes seconds.

With EQUAL, balancing a tire takes seconds and performs perfectly during the entire life of the tire.

When mounting a new tire, simply drop in a bag of EQUAL. The bag breaks open during the first few miles of driving, dispersing EQUAL through the entire tire. For tires that are already mounted, EQUAL can be installed using our applicator. In both cases, EQUAL goes to work immediately, requires zero upkeep and lasts the life of the tire.

Compare: Equal vs. Spin Balancing.

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assembly with EQUAL or balancing with wheel weights.


Every bag of EQUAL comes with IMI's patented AirX Filtered Valve Core, which protects the tire from air loss at the valve core. The core's filtered base keeps dirt and other debris from preventing valve closure, even when EQUAL is not being used. For valve stems that do not accept long cores, IMI offers a valve extension.

AirX Filtered Valve Core
AirX Filtered Valve Core

The AirX Filtered Valve Core (FVC) is a long valve core that protects tires against valve core leaks. It features a filtered base to block particles from reaching the valve. One FVC is included with every bag of EQUAL.

Equal Applicator EQUAL Applicator

For premounted tires, EQUAL can be installed without removing the tires by using the EQUAL Applicator. The EQUAL Applicator can install EQUAL through the valve stem in less than 60 seconds.

Equal Sleeve EQUAL Sleeve

The yellow EQUAL sleeve indicates that EQUAL is installed in the tire.

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