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Sts Tire SealantMore Sealing. More Security.

Originally developed in 1973, STS was specifically designed to seal punctures from the inside of the tire during operation. Four decades later, the STS brand has been tested and proven to be the highest-performing sealant for commercial and heavy duty applications. The complete line of STS Tire Sealants provide superior protection in a wide range of applications – including waste hauling, off-road vehicles, fluid-weighted tires and highway fleets.

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Sts Tire Sealant<sup>™</sup>

How It Does What It Does

How It Does What It Does

STS is made with a superior blend of fibers and rubber solids suspended within a corrosion-resistant conditioner. When a puncture occurs, those particles immediately and permanently repair the puncture from the inside of the tire. As an added benefit, STS prevents tire dry rot and cracking of the tire’s inner liner, stops wheel corrosion and is completely safe for the environment.

The Many Benefits of STS

  • Seals 2x more punctures than the competition
  • Lasts for the lifetime of the tire
  • 7x more corrosion resistance
  • Seals punctures up to 1/4"
  • Prevents air loss and blowouts
  • Non toxic and safe
  • Reduces downtime and tire wear
  • Wide range of applications

Tire Sealant Products


The result of 40 years of research and development, EcoSeal is designed specifically for high-heat applications where corrosion and multiple punctures often occur. EcoSeal stays non-corrosive and biodegradable, even after long exposure to high operating temperatures.



The original all-purpose sealant, STS is best used for preventative measures in tires that are subject to higher RPMs. STS protects lawn and garden equipment, agricultural vehicles and short haul trucks from air loss and tire failures.



STS OTR is specially formulated for large diameter tires which operate at speeds under 30 MPH. A lower viscosity and larger fibers allow it to rapidly seal punctures in large off road tires.

STS<span>™</span> OTR

STS Concentrate

Designed for use in fluid-weighted tires, STS Concentrate is mixed to an economical 30:1 ratio, and is specifically designed to work with any liquid.

STS<span>™</span> Concentrate

Total Tire Conditioner

Specifically created for OTR and large equipment tires where tire injuries are generally large gashes instead of punctures, TOTAL is not a sealant but a conditioner – easing the mounting and dismounting process to protect the casing for retreading.

Total<span>™</span> Tire Conditioner
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