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A progressive, Midwest-based fleet with 340 trucks and 790 trailers was interested in improving its fuel economy and increasing tire life.  With a focus on preventative maintenance and data-driven acceptance of new technology, the fleet decided to do a test on EQUAL FLEXX to determine if the internal balancing compound could improve fuel economy and increase the tire mileage before removal of its tractor-trailers.

Preparing for Fuel Economy Comparison

To establish a baseline, the fleet was achieving an average of 8.4 miles per gallon – already well above most fleets in the United States.  They were seeing some irregular wear on their wide-based drive tires, as well as on their wide-base trailer tires, with the truck having one drive axle and two trailer axles.

The fleet committed to testing EQUAL FLEXX in multiple round-trips of one specific 1,400-mile route carrying appliance components from Chicago, IL to St. Cloud, MN.  The fleet used telematics for data collection and comparison, to ensure precise fuel consumption comparison.  After establishing a baseline, the fleet tested four control tractors to three tractors equipped with EQUAL FLEXX.

After 140,000+ miles of testing, the results were in: the tractor and trailers equipped with EQUAL FLEXX showed a .25 mpg improvement in fuel economy, or a 3% savings!  The trailer tires with EQUAL FLEXX also showed a 20% increase in life extension, significantly reducing the replacement rate of tires.

In the test route alone, the fleet replaced 12 drive tires in the control tractors and only 3 in the EQUAL FLEXX tractors.  That’s a difference between replacing 75% of the drive tires versus only replacing 17%.

The ResultsCase Study - Fleet Fuel Economy and Tire Wear

What does this mean in cost savings?

In one year, the fleet would save an average of $671,600 by installing EQUAL FLEXX in all wheel positions, fleet-wide – thanks to improved fuel economy and increased tire life.  So with 20% tire life improvement and 3% increase in fuel economy, it was an all-around success for EQUAL FLEXX – but an even greater success for the fleet.

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