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An estimated 10-15 percent of commercial fleets use wide base tires to reduce vehicle weight, boost payload or save fuel. Fleets that make the move to wide base tires shed more than 700 pounds per vehicle and cut fuel use by up to 3 percent.

Yet many fleets find wide base tires are prone to uneven tire wear, particularly when running under lighter loads. Trailer tires are especially vulnerable because of the miles they log partially loaded. Some fleets address this by monitoring tire conditions  and balancing all wheel positions.

Fleets can reduce uneven tire wear in wide base tires and amplify their fuel savings with EQUAL W, the latest addition to the EQUAL product lineup. EQUAL W is sized and packaged specifically for easy installation in wide base tires. EQUAL W provides adaptive balancing for better tread wear for tires in all wheel positions.


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With EQUAL W, fleets can keep wide base tires optimally balanced without expensive downtime. Just toss a bag of EQUAL W into tires in all wheel positions during mounting. From the first mile, EQUAL W goes to work absorbing vibration and balancing the entire wheel assembly from the inside. The result is reduced tire wear, a smoother ride and additional fuel savings of up to 2 percent.


EQUAL is the original internal balancing solution for the commercial trucking industry. It is a soft, flexible compound that absorbs vibration and adapts with each tire rotation, providing continuous balancing. It will not damage your TPMS sensors and due to popular demand, major truck manufacturers now offer it.

Fleets using EQUAL in all wheel positions have saved $7,000 per year on fuel and tire costs. With EQUAL W, fleets using wide base tires can multiply their fuel savings and get every last mile out of their tires in every wheel position.

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