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At IMI, we know trucking is changing – and for those working in the industry every day, it can be difficult to keep up.

We’re here to help.  We’ve researched the top factors impacting fleets in 2018 and compiled a report with trends we’ve observed.  We hope this IMI Annual Industry Report will provide valuable information for fleets to make more informed business decisions in 2019.

Read the full IMI Annual Industry Report to gather these key takeaways:

  • technology currently available to fleets proven to improve fuel efficiency
  • trends among alternative fuel and how that is changing fleets’ bottom lines
  • changing regulations affecting the commercial trucking industry
  • and factors impacting equipment longevity

To build this Annual Industry Report, IMI worked with an independent agency to conduct research and gather information regarding the top factors affecting fleets in 2018.  The material included in this Annual Industry Report is intended to provide an objective, unbiased, and educational perspective on the effects of increased technology and data gathering that directly impact fleets’ bottom lines.  At IMI, we strive to increase profitability for commercial fleets, dealers, and OEMs; we pride ourselves on understanding the commercial trucking industry, and when you need a partner who recognizes the challenges your fleet faces each day – rely on IMI.


Whether you run a fleet or are only beginning your driving career, this guide will help you understand the little things that add up to big wins in fleet productivity.

Download the guide