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In May 2015, we conducted an audit of the wheel refinishing system at one of the nation’s largest retreaders and commercial tire dealers.  The tire dealer was interested in improving its steel wheel refinishing, with a focus on waste-reduction, increase in operational efficiency, standard processes among multiple locations, and improvement of the overall equipment.

We began the MILCURE transition by performing an audit of the existing system, the rate of refinished wheels, and the amount of powder used in the process.  The audit of one location revealed that the company was refinishing roughly 1,600 wheels per month and wasting approximately 300 lbs. of powder in the application.  This was costing their bottom line over $900 per month, or around $11,000 per year in wasted materials.

Following a review of the audit, the company’s Compliance Manager and Vice President of Operations decided to move forward with implementing the MILCURE process.  This conversion process began with training, equipment upgrades, and a change of powder coatings.

The transition to the IMI MILCURE process began in December 2015, with members of our team providing personalized training for ten of the company’s Wheel Refinishing Managers.  The training included: MILCURE safety inspections; management of the equipment maintenance and operations; handling of powder coatings; and proper application technique.

IMI Wheel Refinishing Process

Upon utilizing the IMI MILCURE process and the IMI Wheel Refinishing Powder, the company’s locations began to see impressive results – achieving up to 110 refinished wheels per 50 lb. box of powder.  By using IMI’s powder and wheel refinishing system, one of the company’s southeastern Location Managers noticed a dramatic improvement: a 90% waste reduction, saving the location $800 per month… or nearly $10,000 per year!

With around 140,000 wheels being refinished across all of this tire dealer’s locations, it stands to reduce annual costs by a total of $73,000.

According to Jeff Redding, our National Equipment and Coatings Manager, the true hero in this story is the commercial tire dealer: “It has been a true partnership of collaboration and accountability.  This company built a great foundation for future quality and profitable improvement by embracing the standardization of proven processes and performance products.”  A job well done with the proper powder, refinishing system, and partner – all found in IMI.

Interested in learning more about the MILCURE Process?  Contact us here!