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While it might seem like preventative maintenance is one more cost to your business, the peace of mind and benefits it provides make it well worth the investment. Predictive maintenance keeps your fleet strong while keeping you safe from unforeseen costs, by either utilizing technology to monitor your truck’s operating abilities or manually tracking mileage, fuel consumption, or other indicators.  By performing routine inspections and familiarizing themselves with the operation manuals of their equipment, many fleets are saving money on costly repairs and are opting to go with this new operational program. If you’ve been thinking about investing in predictive maintenance, here a few benefits to consider:


Whether you run a fleet or are only beginning your driving career, this guide will help you understand the little things that add up to big wins in fleet productivity.

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  1. Improved ROI. By establishing a regular routine, you minimize downtime. By understanding your equipment, reading equipment manuals, and keeping up to date on recommended practices, you will prepare yourself to perform consistent maintenance. You can anticipate when a component needs to be replaced, rather than experiencing a sudden failure. You can also proactively repair, refinish, and restore instead of repeatedly investing in expensive replacements. Predictive maintenance extends the life of your equipment by giving you time to be proactive rather than reactive.
  2. Reliable safety. When you invest in preventative maintenance, you are investing in the safety of your drivers and your vehicles. Instead of worrying about dangerous equipment failures on the road, drivers know that they are protected by a routine that keeps every vehicle at its peak performance.
  3. Polished reputation. This is one benefit of preventative maintenance that is often looked over, but the reality is it’s a huge asset for your fleet and your business. Predictive maintenance keeps your fleet looking professional and prepared, demonstrating your commitment to road-worthiness. You can trust that your fleet is representing your business in the best manner possible, giving you a physical reference for you dependable, reliable services.

In the long run, predictive maintenance is a small commitment that yields large rewards. By taking the time to protect your fleet, you protect your investment in your vehicles, your drivers, and your reputation. It also gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on moving your business forward.

As part of your preventative maintenance program, check out IMI’s Checkpoint line. It not only offers indicators for loose lug nuts and overall wheel health, but its easy visual inspection method makes predictive maintenance easier than ever before.