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In 2010, a Northeastern US Commercial Tire Dealer with retreading and OTR tire operations in over 40 locations and 250 truck service vehicles began looking for a solution to improve the dismounting process of earthmover tires.

At the time, the Tire Dealer was experiencing a variety of issues with seized wheel parts caused by corrosion, resulting in lengthy downtime for their customers and bringing their tire changing production to a standstill.  The seized parts were also creating problems for the Dealer, causing extreme and unnecessary wear and tear on their fleet of hydraulic boom trucks.

The Commercial Tire Dealer began to search for a solution, researching many different lubricants, mounting pastes, and sealants.  Realizing that none of these options were able to solve the wheel corrosion problem, the Tire Dealer considered using a wheel and rim conditioner.  IMI’s TOTAL Tire Conditioner was the perfect solution.

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Once the Dealer properly cleaned the wheel components, they added TOTAL Tire Conditioner and instantly saw a dramatic difference.  Not only did TOTAL eliminate the downtime for their customers, it drastically cut labor hours per tire change.  According to the Tire Dealer’s Director of Earthmover Sales, “this doesn’t even begin to quantify the mechanical savings of our own hydraulic boom trucks or the safety aspect of being able to easily identify damaged wheel components.”

Since evaluating TOTAL Tire Conditioner, the Tire Dealer made it a mandatory company policy that every tire change larger than a 24” rim diameter included TOTAL.

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