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After hearing from our customers that installing sealant is a messy and labor intensive job, we found a way to give them back some of their time and create added value by extending the packaging options of ECO SEAL to allow for more productivity. We are excited to introduce additional sizes for our ECO SEAL bag line. We are now offering a 24 oz and 32oz bag in addition to the original 48oz bag. The new bags are easier to install into the tire compared to the 5 gal. buckets and 55 gal. drums which require the use of a hand pump. They also have a longer shelf life, take up less shelf space, and are lightweight when it comes to material handling.


ECO SEAL is ideal for Fleets with stop/start applications that experience high heat at the wheel-end and in environments where it may incur multiple punctures. Compared to competitors, ECO SEAL is the only sealant proven to prevent corrosion, staying non-acidic and biodegradable even after long exposure to high operating temperatures because the formula is made without glycol.


Hi Heat Applications

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