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CHAMBERSBURG, PA, July 21, 2014 — IMI has announced the launch of a new infrared wheel refinishing oven that offers increased wheel coating cure efficiency. The oven’s improvements provide dealers with increased profitability, better throughput and less maintenance.

The oven boasts 30 percent more power and achieves 20 percent more throughput, completing a wheel every 4.5 minutes instead of 6 to 7 minutes. This marks a significant improvement over the prior model and over competitors’ ovens while dramatically increasing system profitability.

In addition, the oven is 15 percent more energy efficient due to improved heating elements and less heat loss. It uses ceramic panels and more infrared energy to direct more heat density at the wheel and eliminates reflectors to improve temperature control for a more consistent cure. “Two critical aspects of achieving a high quality, lasting finish on the wheel is the proper application of the powder coating to the wheel and how it is cured,” said IMI President Bob Fogal, Jr. “The new infrared oven will provide more even curing temperatures to the powder coated wheel surface while allowing for faster throughput. The result is a higher quality finish that is cured more efficiently for increased production.”

The oven has also been redesigned to provide easier setup and operation, with improved and streamlined wiring configurations and simpler controllers. It fits into IMI’s wheel refinishing process and meets TMC and OSHA standards.

“With this new infrared oven, IMI continues to improve the automated wheel refinishing process that we introduced to the industry thirty years ago,” said Fogal. “Ultimately, this oven provides more profitability and a better customer experience for our commercial tire dealers and fleets.

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