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CHAMBERSBURG, PA –IMI is excited to announce the launch of our newest application of EQUAL FLEXX, which covers many tire sizes in the RV and camper segment.


EQUAL FLEXX V offers the same safe and comfortable ride for travelers on the road but is now easier to install and compatible with a wide range of RVs and campers. Our solution utilizes adaptive technology to balance your tires perfectly – eliminating vibrations that can lead to discomfort and issues caused by irregular tire wear.


“We found a demand in the market for a 14oz bag size of EQUAL FLEXX, making it more convenient for tire dealers and end users to install EQUAL FLEXX with one bag instead of combining different bag sizes. While researching the need for this size bag, we also found that it would be especially beneficial in all wheel positions for RVs and Campers,” said Bob Fogal from IMI.


Click below to learn more about the benefits of the new EQUAL FLEXX V for RVs and Campers, and order yours today!