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ATLANTA, GA – IMI is excited to announce the launch the ALUMINATOR System at the Exhibition Grand Opening of the TMC Annual Meeting 2020.

Three wheels set up a conference showing the wheel refinishing.

IMI has been the industry leader in steel wheel refinishing since 1984. With the demand for aluminum wheels increasing among fleets comes the need to maintain these wheels in order to keep the fleet safe and extend the life of their wheels.

“The new IMI ALUMINATOR System is our solution that was developed with both safety and appearance in mind. We believe this is innovative because this process effectively removes grease, concrete, asphalt, brake dust, and corrosion, while cleaning the entire surface of an aluminum wheel rather than just one side. Dealers can now clearly identify hidden damage to fleet’s wheels that can lead to safety hazards on the road. We intentionally engineered the entire system to clean without cutting or removing the wheels’ profile keeping the DOT stamp intact and the wheel compliant with industry standards,” said Bob Fogal from IMI.

The ALUMINATOR System is a 3-part process that will wash, clean, and finish aluminum wheels, giving them a clean, matte-like finish. An additional finish option can be chosen to shine the aluminum wheels. “Now there’s a safe way for fleets to maintain their aluminum wheels, which also cosmetically improves the fleets brand image. As a result, the fleet looks good to their customers, the public at large and to roadside safety inspection officers, all of which will help them operate more profitably.” added Bob.

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About IMI
IMI is based in Chambersburg, PA and was founded in 1973. In the five decades since, IMI has led the way in developing innovative, solutions-based products for the commercial tire and trucking industries. With over 300 years of combined industry experience, IMI’s success comes from understanding the challenges facing commercial trucking fleets and creating exceptional solutions that drive fleet efficiency, reduce operating costs, and improve safety on the road.