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CHAMBERSBURG, PA – IMI is excited to announce the launch of the IMI MATCHMAKER.

IMI has been an industry leader in wheel-end maintenance since 1973, partnering with industry distributors, dealers, and fleets to increase their profitability while creating solutions that follow the guidelines of TMC. With the increasing prices of tires and fuel, fleets are continuously looking for ways to save money in both areas.

“Fleets are becoming more aware of the problems associated with mismatched tires in dual wheel positions. When a dual tire is changed during road service calls, it’s likely not the same tire height as the one it’s paired with. Also, while different tire manufacturers may have the same size tires available, the dimensions are not the same. It only takes ¼” difference in the height for tires paired in a dual position to create irregular tire wear and undue stress on the tires, leading to premature tire life and reduction in fuel economy for the fleet.” said Bob Fogal from IMI.

“Our new MATCHMAKER tool is designed to make measuring and identifying mismatched dual tires quick and easy. It takes measurements at the tread rather than using a straight edge, creating a more accurate measurement. This, in turn, allows you to measure and mark the tire’s diameter before it comes off the vehicle, and then it can be placed into your tire bank.” Bob added.

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