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IMI, the original developer of the turn key MILCURE steel wheel refinishing system and process, has partnered with Lesta to introduce automation into their solution by using robotics to apply powder coating to truck wheels.


“Inconsistencies in the powder coating application process can lead to excessive mil thickness on the surface of the wheel which impacts torque and the overall safety of the wheel,” says Faith Bramlet, Senior Director of Marketing at IMI. “We are pleased to team up with Lesta to bring a new, automated solution to our Commercial Tire Dealer customer base that enables them to add a self-learning robotic process to consistently apply the accurate amount of powder coating to the wheel each and every time.”


Whether Tire Dealers are concerned about labor shortages, throughput, quality, or productivity, IMI has enhanced its MILCURE system with the Lesta robot to be a resource for the entire commercial trucking industry.


“We are very excited to offer this to our customers so they can take their steel Wheel Refinishing quality and production capacity to the next level,” said IMI’s President, Bob Fogal.


Lesta’s President Derek DeGeest says, “We are happy to partner with IMI to take this new automation to their Wheel Refinishing market. After receiving inquiries from a few of the major Commercial Tire Dealers that led to installations, we discovered that IMI was a key player in this market with a solid reputation for their products and service. Our companies are nicely aligned by our focus on taking care of the customer.”