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Could you look around the room and find something that wasn’t on a truck at some point?

Even with many of us at home these days, we still have essentials that we need. That’s where truckers step in!

Truckers are tasked with moving a staggering amount of goods, ensuring Americans have their fill of grocery items, toiletries, online purchases and other goods: The industry hauls more than 10 billion tons of freight annually, which accounts for more than two-thirds of the total freight tonnage moved nationally. By contrast, rail transportation moves about 13% of the nation’s freight tonnage, according to the American Trucking Associations.

USA Today states that “trucking companies say they’ve seen no slowdown in supplies: factories and meat-packing plants are still running at full operation, and there’s plenty of food, toilet paper and other supplies to go around. That means drivers, as always, are needed on the road.”


We’ve created a fun way for you to Thank a Trucker!

A kid's color sheet to thank a trucker. Has a truck to be colored, name, age,and a space to write a note

We have created a downloadable coloring page that looks like the image above. Please print, color and let us know what you are glad that a truck driver brought to your local store!

Once you color your page, please send us your artwork! 

Download your coloring page below!