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We are excited to announce that we have won 3 TINYawards from TINYpulse in 2020!

Happiest Award: We have the highest average happiness score in our industry

Wins Award: We had the most “wins” in our industry and have brought the most initiatives to completion – all from employee feedback

Recognition Award: Our employees give and receive the most Cheers in our industry!

Melissa Rudyk, our Director of Employee Experience said, “In 2009, we looking to intentionally work on our culture and get employee feedback because our employees are our most important asset.” She said TINYpulse was chosen because it gave us the ability to survey employees and get answers anonymously.  “We have been able to get open and honest feedback from employees this way because they are anonymous but are able to have a discussion with me about their concerns and ideas.” TINYpulse also has a “cheers for peers” function where employees are able to send cheers to their coworkers for a job well done.