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What causes a lug nut to loosen?
The most frequent cause of loose lug nuts is vibration, causing the nut or bolt head to slide relative to the joint. Shifting between the lug nuts and bolts can also be caused by bolt bending, temperature differences in the materials, or excessive applied forces at the joint which could cause damage to the threading.
Will my CHECKPOINT loose lug nut indicators fall off?
With twice the “teeth” on CHECKPOINT as compared to competitors, your lug nut indicators will not fall off. If you have an issue with your lug nut indicators not staying on the lug nut, you may have the wrong size; please see our application chart for the proper CHECKPOINT indicator size.
What CHECKPOINT product is best for my application?
What makes CHECKPOINT Point-to-Point loose lug nut indicators different?
Some indicators are applied in a “daisy chain” pattern, which can allow for the lug nut indicators to move several millimeters before visually indicating a loose lug nut. However, the simple-to-use CHECKPOINT Point-to-Point indicators are installed on each wheel nut with each pair of indicators pointing directly at each other. This simple system provides a clear visual pattern for the driver, indicating which wheel nuts need tightening.
Will road salts and chemicals affect CHECKPOINT loose lug nut indicators?
CHECKPOINT original Standard/High Temp (HT)/Ultra High Temp are all manufactured in the highest quality virgin polymers and are resistant to moisture/water, road salt, oil, detergents and most other common solvents/contaminants.
Do CHECKPOINT loose lug nut indicators melt?
CHECKPOINT loose lug nut indicators are designed to melt when there is excessive heat at the wheel end, usually a result of brakes sticking or problems with the bearings. CHECKPOINT Point-to-Point is made of specific material that will melt at 257*F. However, there is also CHECKPOINT High-Temp loose lug nut indicators that are able to withstand greater temperatures for specific applications, which will not melt until temperatures reach 329*F.
Can I get CHECKPOINT loose lug nut indicators in multiple colors?
CHECKPOINT loose lug nut indicators are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Please see our CHECKPOINT Guide for more details or contact a representative for specific requests.
What lug nuts will CHECKPOINT fit?
CHECKPOINT works with common commercial truck lug nut sizes.

Download the application chart

How do I purchase CHECKPOINT?
CHECKPOINT is available for purchase through one of our authorized resellers. Connect with one of our knowledgeable representatives to find a dealer in your area.


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