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What is the difference between NEW LOOK and competitors on the market?

Rather than the gloss finish and low hiding power of traditional tire paints, NEW LOOK delivers a matte rubber veneer finish to the tire’s sidewalls that will make retread tires look like new. NEW LOOK’s formula is composed of higher solids density than traditional tire paints, providing a thicker, smoother film on the tire’s sidewalls.

How many tires can be painted with one pail of NEW LOOK?

The number of tires you can paint with on pail of NEW LOOK will depend on the size of your tires. However, NEW LOOK has a coverage of 333 square feet per gallon and 331 square feet per gallon.

Do I need to mix NEW LOOK before use?

NEW LOOK arrives pre-mixed, but contents within the solution may settle. Always make sure to mix NEW LOOK thoroughly before using.

What marks will NEW LOOK Tire Veneer cover on my tires?

NEW LOOK will cover chalk and grease pencil marks, dirt smudges, and other blemishes on retread tires.

How do I apply NEW LOOK?

NEW LOOK can be applied with spray equipment or sponge applicators. Please see applications instructions for detailed information on applying NEW LOOK to your tires.

Can I use my existing tire painting machine with NEW LOOK?

NEW LOOK can be used with existing painting machines; simply depressurize your system and flush the system with warm water. To avoid the gun or spray tips clogging, make sure that all dried paint is removed from the down tube and machine accessories. Also be sure to clean all screens, filters, and hoses before re-pressurizing your system and spraying NEW LOOK.

What sizes does NEW LOOK come in?

NEW LOOK is available in 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon containers.

Will NEW LOOK wash off in the rain?

NEW LOOK adheres directly to the tire and, once cured, will not wash off in the rain.

What finish should I expect on my tires with NEW LOOK?

NEW LOOK dries to a matte finish, different than other competitive tire paints available. Because of NEW LOOK’s premium coating technology, it applies a rubber veneer finish to the tire’s sidewall, resulting in a new-look tire.

Does NEW LOOK have a shelf life?

NEW LOOK performs best when used within one year and has a 12-month shelf life.

Does NEW LOOK need to be stored in any special conditions?

Make sure your NEW LOOK containers are not stored in temperatures in excess of 120ºF. NEW LOOK does freeze at 32ºF and should be protected from freezing; however, NEW LOOK is freeze/thaw stable up to three cycles.

Is NEW LOOK environmentally friendly?

NEW LOOK is a water-based solution, which makes it easier to clean up and safer for workers. Its formulation also makes NEW LOOK more environmentally-friendly than other solvent-based paints.


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