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IMI equal flexx product
IMI FLEXX is an internal balancing compound that provides an accurate, continual balance within the tire/wheel assembly for the life of the tread. Its ability to quickly adjust to the changing imbalance conditions provides the correct and perfect method of being able to balance all wheel assemblies resulting in fuel, labor and tire savings.
How much IMI EQUAL FLEXX will my fleet and/or my service provider need?

The correct amount of FLEXX will guarantee that enough product is present; to continually adjust to the imbalance conditions for the life of the tread.

Do I have to use a filtered valve core with FLEXX?

No. FLEXX does not universally require the use of filtered valve cores in the valve stems due to its particle size. However, we still recommend the use of our filtered valve core as a maintenance best practice which is in alignment with TMC RP234A.

What are the benefits of using IMI EQUAL FLEXX?
savings graphic for worn tires
Improved fuel economy, extended tire life, reduced vehicle vibrations, cooler running tires, environmentally friendly, lead free, easy to use and trouble free. A key benefit is the fact that it is a lifetime balance; the compound continually adjusts to the changing conditions for the life of the tread.
Do I use wheel weights with IMI EQUAL FLEXX?
Why is it more economical than wheel weights?
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IMI FLEXX works for the life of the tire tread as opposed to having the tires rebalanced with wheel weights every 15,000 to 20,000 miles. IMI FLEXX’s “Drop-in Bag” provides the installer a quick and easy method of balancing all tire/wheel assemblies resulting in the savings in time and money for the installer and end user of the product. No investment in expensive truck tire balancing equipment is required when using an internal wheel-end balancing solution like IMI FLEXX.
Why does vibration matter?

Simply put, vibration is wasted energy that increases rolling resistance. IMI FLEXX absorbs this energy and the accompanying vibrations within the tire, reducing tire tread wear, lowering fuel cost by lessening rolling resistance, and delivering a smoother ride. Energy absorption happens everywhere on the tire’s circumference where vibration occurs, not just at the footprint. In turn, vibrations are decreases through the complete tire and wheel assembly.

Why is it better than balancing with wheel weights?
Traditional wheel weight balancers stay in one place, and can even contribute to wheel imbalances because they don’t move to vulnerable spots as they arise. Instead, traditional wheel weights can keep wearing the tire in the same spot. IMI FLEXX responds adaptively, moving to the parts of the wheel that need to be balanced as they become vulnerable. Laboratory tests confirmed that IMI FLEXX reduces vibrations up to 60% better than wheel weights and over 15% better than other competitive balancing compounds. If your tire moves, so should your balancing.
How do you install IMI EQUAL FLEXX?

With IMI FLEXX, balancing a tire takes seconds and performs perfectly during the entire life of the tire. Installing is easy: when mounting a new tire, simply drop in a tire balancing bag of IMI FLEXX. The bag breaks open during the first few miles of driving, dispersing IMI FLEXX through the entire tire. IMI FLEXX goes to work immediately, requires zero upkeep and lasts the life of the tire. IMI FLEXX is fully compatible, including application quantity, and can be used in different wheel positions on the same truck.

How long does IMI EQUAL FLEXX take to install?
IMI FLEXX takes seconds to be installed. Simply drop in a bag of IMI FLEXX when mounting a new tire. The bag breaks open during the first few miles of driving, dispersing IMI FLEXX through the entire tire.
If water or moisture is inside the tire, does it have any effect on IMI EQUAL FLEXX, and if so, what is that effect?
Ambient moisture does not affect the product’s performance.
Can I use IMI EQUAL FLEXX with TPMS Systems?
Yes, IMI FLEXX is compatible with TPMS Systems.
Is IMI EQUAL FLEXX classified as a hazardous product?
What went into the development and testing for IMI EQUAL FLEXX?
IMI has over 25 years of experience in internal wheel-end balancing, having been the original developer of the category. IMI FLEXX is now the most scientifically tested and refined internal truck tire balancer available. Over 50 compounds were put to the test during development. Hundreds of thousands of miles went into the development and testing of IMI FLEXX.

We utilized state-of-the-art vibration sensing technology and partnered with the foremost experts in vibration analysis. Extensive lab tests were performed and real world measurements were taken on our development vehicles and further validated with truck fleets. Controlled over the road trials were concurrently performed with fleets, measuring fuel consumption via on-board telematics systems to prove out the fuel savings with balancing all wheel positions.

What backs the claims of longer tread life?
IMI FLEXX builds on 25 years of extending tire life with EQUAL with thousands of fleets, delivering 25% to 50% extension in tread wear. IMI FLEXX has been designed to work up to 15% better than EQUAL and any other internal balancing compound by over 15%.
What backs the claims of fuel savings?
TMC RP 1111B states that tire balance across 18 tires on a tractor-trailer combination saves as much as 2.2% in fuel. IMI has also performed controlled fuel trials in the real world with various fleets that prove this mileage gain due to lower rolling resistance. Those tests resulted in 2 to 3% mileage gains.

It is also common knowledge of the tire manufacturers that a tire’s fuel efficiency increases as the tread wears down. In fact, the last 20% of a tire’s tread uses 6.5% less fuel than new tread. Thus, extending tire life is also a key component of saving even more fuel. All of these facts support how IMI FLEXX will improve fuel mileage and lower operating costs. IMI FLEXX has been designed to work up to 15% better than EQUAL and any other internal balancing compound by over 15%.

What are the cost savings benefits of balancing all wheel positions?
At the current price of diesel fuel, the expected annual savings per truck with IMI FLEXX are approximately $5,500 and $5,000, respectively. 18% percent of benefits are derived at the steer tires, 39% at the drive tires, and 43% from the trailer tires. If a truck only balances its steers, they are missing out on 82% of the potential cost saving benefits.
What is the expected ROI?
At current fuel prices, IMI FLEXX is expected to return over 10X annual ROI (return on investment) with a payback of under 2 months. (ex: $5,500 annual return on $500 cost. User cost will vary.)
What if I already use EQUAL in some tires?
EQUAL and IMI FLEXX are fully compatible, including application quantity, and can be used in different wheel positions on the same truck.
How does IMI ensure product quality?
FLEXX was designed and developed by IMI. IMI FLEXX is produced and packaged in the USA following strict quality control measures to ensure that the material mix and consistency conform to our design standards.
Is IMI EQUAL FLEXX guaranteed?
IMI FLEXX is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Why can't I use EQUAL FLEXX in a passenger vehicle?

IMI FLEXX is designed for class 3 (10,000lbs) or higher vehicles and not for lighter suspension vehicles. 


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