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X2 Smooth Ride Warranty

Lifetime Balance Guarantee

Smooth Ride Guaranteed

Increase profitability with EQUAL FLEXX by simply changing the conversation with the customers you already service and provide your Fleet customers the confidence they need to be your customer for life.

X2 Smooth Ride Warranty + Lifetime Balance Guarantee has been established to build confidence within your sales team. Add value to the tires you sell and install today, while delivering an additional service to the Fleets you service today by extending tire life and providing a smooth ride..

What Does This Mean For You?

Acting as a safeguard for dealers who want reassurance that if there are any comebacks for ride complaints, we will promptly cover your time and expenses by crediting you back $15 for each tire balanced with EQUAL FLEXX, plus, an additional $20 to cover the dismount/mount installation work.

How to Get Started

1. Use our application chart to find the correct size bag to use in a single or dual application.

2. Install EQUAL FLEXX in any wheel position, with wheel sizes from 19.5″ to 24.5″

Use the assets below to help promote the X2 Warranty. Print out the flyers for distribution and if you would like a counter card, please reach out to your Territory Manager and we will send one out to you, free of charge!


If you are interested in receiving an X2 Warranty kit, please get in contact with your IMI Territory Manager.

Note: IMI will be utilizing a 3rd party printer for the countercards and will be ordered based on the total quantity requested from all X2 Warranty particpants.

Warranty Details

This warranty is limited to 19.5″ – 24.5″ tire sizes where EQUAL FLEXX was originally installed into one and/or all wheel positions by the servicing dealer and is returned to the same servicing dealer for removal in first 30 days/2500 miles, whichever comes first.

How to Submit Warranty Claims

Contact our Customer Experience Team by calling 1.800.233.7086. To process your credit quickly and efficiently, the following must be available to provide to IMI:

1. A copy of the original work order or original invoice with the date of the initial installation.

2. A copy of the new re-work order or invoice with date of the dismount/mount labor.

3. The year, make, and model of the vehicle.

4. The make and model of the tires.

5. The name of the distributor where your EQUAL FLEXX was purchased from.If a vehicle is returned to your location after 30 days / 2500 miles time frame, please work directly