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Tire punctures resulting in air loss are a common issue on the road. Underinflation from air loss causes your tires to wear excessively and will lead to premature tire replacement. In the long run, this will lead to higher operating costs and an increase in downtime.

Semi Truck Tire sealant is a great preventative maintenance practice that will seal punctures and prevent air loss in your tires. Not all semi truck tire sealants are created equally, and it is important to know what ingredients are in the sealant you’re using. Glycol causes the liquid sealant to become acidic over time. If your tire sealant includes glycol, you are at enhanced risk for premature corrosion of your rim surface. In turn, this will create the need for more frequent rim refinishing

We have created a line of tire sealants that are completely glycol free and 100% biodegradable. They will help to prevent air loss through punctures and will not rust or cause corrosion to your wheels. We’ve created a helpful guide to pinpoint the right sealant choice for you!


Whether you run a fleet or are only beginning your driving career, this guide will help you understand the little things that add up to big wins in fleet productivity.

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Since 1973, we have created several sealants to accommodate different operating conditions. The original STS Tire Seal was created as a preventative solution for tires large and small, sealing tire punctures up to ¼” for the life of the tire. This sealant is specifically designed for tires subject to running on higher RPMs such as ag tires, short-haul trucks, lawn and garden equipment, and ATV’s. We eventually created different sealants for use in different applications, because not all tires are created equal! Our entire line of sealants permanently repairs punctures from inside of the tire while preventing dry rot and cracking of the tire’s inner liner. It is also completely safe for the environment.

  • Designed specifically with additional corrosion prevention for high heat applications such as waste haul, public transportation, and commercial OTR trucks, ECO SEAL is non-corrosive and biodegradable. Even after long exposure to heat, this sealant will not corrode your wheels.
  • Our OTR Tire Seal was developed for applications that struggle with bead leaks and stubble damage. This sealant was created with a lower viscosity to quickly repair tire punctures in large off-road tires. It is best used in low RPM applications such as OTR tires and ag tires.
  • Industrial and ag applications with fluid weighted tires can benefit from our STS Concentrate. It works well with any liquid and will still seal punctures.
  • Typically used in OTR tires, mining and logging tires, TOTAL is our tire and wheel conditioner. TOTAL is specifically designed for tires that experience large gashes instead of punctures. This conditioner assists in conditioning the bead and flange area to the demounting and mounting process.
    Semi Truck Tire Sealant


We’re passionate about serving our customers with high-quality solutions such as our line of tire sealants. If you still have questions about which tire sealant option is best for your tires, you can take our sealant quiz today, or contact us!