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At IMI, we are pioneers of the open road, fueled by finding proven ways to make your fleet safer, smarter, and more productive at every turn.

We have given ourselves a clear mission: increase profitability for commercial transportation service dealers, fleets, and OEMs. To us, that means developing solutions that define our industry and putting those solutions to millions of miles of scientific tests at every stop along the way.

We are constantly looking for new and better ways to build tire, wheel, and fuel preserving solutions. That’s how we develop products like IMI EQUAL FLEXX, which takes a different approach to tire wear and balance – and outperforms existing solutions.


We Bring The Whole Team To You. We Will Always Go The Extra Mile.

A team picture of everyone in the same black shirt and standing in front of a wall with different road signs

Hard working, focused, and dedicated to going the extra mile—these are just a few ways we could describe our team. Click to learn more about each of our team members.


When you need a partner who understands the challenges fleet managers face every day, rely on IMI. We’re customer-minded, solutions-minded, discovery-minded, and – above all – we are fleet minded. That’s what makes us IMI.


Thank a Trucker Coloring Page

Could you look around the room and find something that wasn't on a truck at some point? Even with many of us at home these days, we still have essentials that we need. That's where truckers step in! Truckers are tasked with moving a staggering amount of goods,...

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Our Response to COVID-19

At IMI, the needs of our customer and employees are our primary concern in these distressing times. This includes the health and well-being of everyone who relies on us to keep their companies operating and ensure the continuity of business. We understand that the...

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