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IMI Launches Flagship Product STS TIRE SEAL Robert Fogal, Sr. starts IMI, vowing to deliver ‘the kind of tire and wheel maintenance equipment the industry needs.' STS seals multiple tire punctures and prevents rusting and corrosion of the wheel, saving fleets around the world thousands of dollars in tire and wheel replacement costs. The trucking industry rejoices. What We Didn't Do in 1973:
    • Invent the barcode
    • Have anything to do with Watergate
    • Sell gasoline for 45 cents a gallon
    • Throw a retirement party for baseball legend Willie Mays
IMI Launches Flagship Product STS TIRE SEAL IMI Launches Flagship Product STS TIRE SEAL
NEW LOOK VENEER Tire Paint is Introduced NEW LOOK Veneer delivers a matte rubber veneer finish to the tire’s sidewalls that will make retread tires look like new. NEW LOOK’S formula is composed of higher density solids than traditional tire paints, providing a thicker, smoother film on the tire’s sidewalls. What We Didn't Do in 1984:
    • Release the game of Tetris
    • Sell the first Apple Macintosh Computer
    • Star in Miami Vice
NEW LOOK 5 Gal <strong>NEW LOOK VENEER Tire Paint</strong> is introduced.
IMI Introduces the MILCURE Wheel Refinishing System This system answered OSHA's demand for safety and the industry's need for a full service wheel refinishing process, cutting fleet costs to restore wheels and rims. What We Didn't Do in 1986:
    • Train Mike Tyson to become the youngest heavyweight champion
    • Induct Elvis Presley in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
    • Invent the nicotine patch
    • Unveil the first laptop computer
IMI Introduces the MILCURE Wheel Refinishing System IMI Introduces the MILCURE Wheel Refinishing System
IMI Introduces EQUAL® As the trucking industry's first internal balancing product, EQUAL eliminates the need for wheel weight balancing - saving fleets time, labor and maintenance costs. EQUAL continuously balances and provides unmatched vibration dampening to extend tread life. What We Didn't Do in 1990:
    • Write the first web page for the World Wide Web
    • Sell the first in-car satellite navigation system
    • Release Windows 3.0
    • Launch the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit
IMI Introduces EQUAL IMI Introduces EQUAL
IMI's Innovative AIRX FILTERED VALVE CORES Appear AIRX FILTERED VALVE CORE significantly advances valve stem technology by providing a safety measure against air loss. This simple core maintains air pressure to help tires last longer and increase fuel economy. What We Didn't Do in 1998:
    • Help Sergei and Larry start Google
    • Give BMW $570 Million to buy Rolls-Royce
    • Release Windows 98
IMI's Innovative <strong>AIRX FILTERED VALVE CORES</strong> Appear IMI's Innovative <strong>AIRX FILTERED VALVE CORES</strong> Appear
EQUAL Revolutionizes Tire Balancing... Again EQUAL revolutionizes the tire balancing industry again with Drop-In Bag packaging, completely eliminating the time needed to balance a truck tire. Simply place a bag of EQUAL into the tire during the mounting process. What We Didn't Do in 1999:
    • Check and upgrade our computer systems for Y2K
    • Party like it was 1999... because it was
    • Have Dale Jarrett use EQUAL to win the '99 Winston Cup
    • Raise the price of gas 7 cents from previous year
<strong>EQUAL</strong> Revolutionizes Tire Balancing... Again <strong>EQUAL</strong> Revolutionizes Tire Balancing... Again
ECOSEAL® Is Introduced ECOSEAL features an enhanced eco-friendly formula that eliminates corrosion and rust from wheels. Branded as the ideal waste hauler sealant, it offers an extreme heat cycle resistance, perfect for any application. What We Didn't Do in 2009:
    • Watch the final episode of The Guiding Light soap opera
    • Beat out Brad Paisley in the 44th Country Music Awards
    • Have to watch a movie about Captain Richard Phillips
<strong>ECOSEAL</strong><sup class='reg'>®</sup> Is Introduced <strong>ECOSEAL</strong><sup class='reg'>®</sup> Is Introduced
CHECKPOINT Is Introduced CHECKPOINT is released to address dangerous loose wheel nut issues on commercial truck wheels. Available in a number of sizes and configurations, CHECKPOINT makes the road safer for all drivers. What We Didn't Do in 2010:
    • Release the new iPhone 4
    • Kick Conan O'Brien off the Tonight Show
    • Beat Phil Mickelson in the 74th Masters Championship
    • Knock down the last piece of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx
<strong>CHECKPOINT</strong><sup>™</sup> Is Introduced <strong>CHECKPOINT</strong><sup>™</sup> Is Introduced
EQUAL FLEXX is introduced. EQUAL FLEXX was developed in partnership with the foremost experts in vibration analysis and tire testing. A wireless sensing system measured what happens inside the tire in real time, validated by hundreds of thousands of miles of truck data. What We Didn't Do in 2016:
    • Beat Usain Bolt for the Olympic Gold
    • Expect the Cubs to win the World Series
    • See "Finding Dory" less than twice
<strong>EQUAL FLEXX</strong> is introduced. <strong>EQUAL FLEXX</strong> is introduced.
IMI Introduces the innovative ALUMINATOR Wheel Cleaning System This 3-part process will wash, clean and finish aluminum wheels, giving them a clean, matte-like finish. The ALUMINATOR cleans both sides of the wheel to uncover potential hidden damage to aluminum wheels and cosmetically improves the fleets’ brand image. Now there’s a safe way to fleets to maintain their aluminum wheels, which also cosmetically improves the fleets brand image. What We Didn't Do in 2020:
    • Go anywhere without a mask
    • We didn’t join TikTok
    • We still didn’t find out what happened to Carole Baskin’s Husband
Finishes Trio <strong>ALUMINATOR Wheel Cleaning System</strong> is introduced.